06 April 2009


i feel enlighted by this past weekend's events.  jake was born on april 5, 1985 which means that we TOTALLY CELEBRATED HIS BIRTHDAY.  went shooting on friday, lots of dinner, fun times friend friends, conference, food, laughter, naps, conference, more food and friends.  we had a nice little dessert party for the beloved on sunday night--everyone brought yummy treats.  anyway, i just want to say that i have a pretty wonderful husband.  he is so good to me in so many ways. happy birthday my love.
in other notes, loved conference.  i mean really.  i've been pretty sick all weekend, so i appreciated the fact that i could rest while watching some pretty inspirational talks.  i found myself thinking a lot about my mission and how much i loved it.  i wish i could be a missionary again.  ahh..those were the days.  anyway, i was looking through my journals today and found this poem that i wrote.  it's kind of cheesy, but it pretty much explains how i feel about the savior.  this is my spiritual post for the month.
the master's touch
to heal a soul is to mend a heart
to show them His love...lead them into His arms
and help them to keep their eye on the mark.
to heal a soul is to bring them joy
to take them aside from the world and show them the way
teach them about salvation that only He can employ.
to heal a soul is to nourish it with laughter
to hold a hand, to wipe a tear...
new words begin to write in their new life's chapter.
to heal a soul is to show them their worth
show them they matter, and that they have a place
that they've been special to Him since before birth.
to heal a soul is to lead them through the gate
help them climb high, open their eyes
inspire them to push onward to a long-awaited fate.
to heal a soul is to show them their Brother who loves without end
a great love He possesses
to Him, our lives we commend.
to heal a soul...we can only do so much.
it is only through Him they are freed and learn to live again
and finally, they are healed
not through us, but through the Master's touch.
i'm a soul that's been healed by the savior more times than once.  i feel very fortunate and blessed to be living the life that i am.  such a great weekend.  hope you all have a fabulous week.

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Heath and Gretchen said...

Love your poem! Happy Birthday to your boy!