08 June 2009


man i feel like i have 80 million things going on right now.  okay, really just 4 major things that i'm trying to work out but i swear i can't keep my mind straight.  i get really confused all of a sudden, and then i'm like....wait, what am i doing again?  what shoes am i wearing?  where am i going?  did i sleep last night?  HA.  it's sort of humorous.  i have some pictures that i want to post, but of course i can't find my camera cord.  instead, i stole a picture from brittany's blog.  too bad jessie (in the coral-colored shirt) is the only legit pregnant person in this picture.  it was still a pretty funny day.


Jason, Missy and Madden Streiff said...

ha ha ha ha!!! I use to do that with the wives in omaha before I had Madden!! Isn't it funny!

Alix said...

I love your jeans! Where did you get them?