06 June 2009

i'm getting off my butt right now and i'm going to get stuff done.  geez.  i have no motivation today--and saturdays are usually my productive days too.  
right now.  publishing this, then getting up.  don't worry, it's 6:13 p.m.


jenna said...

do it. i'm such a copy cat. i am loving command + shift + 4. it screen captures exactly what you want. i'm sure you knew that though. i'm hugging my mac right now. love you. please put jenna's picks on your blog.

Cami said...

it's so funny cause the other day when I was looking at your blog and saw all those home decor pictures I was thinking I NEED my house to look like that one day! I loved every picture you posted!
I also wake up in the middle of the night not able to sleep cause I have ideas of how to decorate my house...and I dwell on it all night. Crazy...great minds do think alike!
P.S. boo on the Florida weather.

Alison said...

i feel you

liz & allison said...

oh really because this has been me all day.. i think i literally sat on the couch for 5 hours straight.. sick! then we decided to be productive go for a walk at 5:30 then i made dinner, swiffered my kitchen and just made healthy low calorie, low sugar low fat cobbler.. back on the couch again.. call me tommorrow. love you.