25 July 2009

lemons, mr. darcy, kisses, french fries.

"it's 3 am and i wanna go to be-e-ed"
i accidentally fell asleep today around 6 pm, which is always awesome. i proceeded to wake up at 9 pm. what a loser. after that, jake came home around 11 from work, which again, is always awesome. we ate dinner, shot the breeze, gave kisses, more kisses, and then i proceeded to crave mcdonald's french fries. lots of them. the largest size possible. jake and zach went to get them for me (amazing husband and brother that they are) only to surprise me with not 1, but 3 large fries. i ate 1 1/2 of them before i began to feel ill. the salt was so good though; that's all i crave these days: salt. jake thought it would be a good idea to bring me as many as possible so that i would get so sick of them and never want them again (so smart) and i think he succeeded. oh how i love him, so dearly. so, so dearly. pride and prejudice (the new one) was on tv tonight. i recorded it because i love it so much. i watched most of it. as i lay in bed with my j-bird, i realized that i was still wide awake. stupid nap. not only was i wide awake, but i couldn't stop thinking about pride and prejudice, so i gave kisses and went to finish it while lovebug fell into a deep sleep. i finished it and loved it so much (again and again), and now i'm watching it again because i'm still wide awake. i feel so great about that decision. jane austen always knows how to get to my heart. and i do love that mr. darcy.
my stomach is getting slightly bigger, although i can't decide if it's just fat. probably fat, considering my french fry feast tonight. please don't judge me.
i've been thinking about growing up lately. i truly believe that most people get better as they get older. take my mom for example. she is kick A. she just gets better and better in every way, which really makes me happy. i'm like, hmmm maybe that's what will happen to me.... i can only pray to be half as cool and loving as she is. but i like to think that i'm on the right track. isn't it a beautiful thing to live? even if life seems mundane, simple.... there is always something to be grateful for.
i want to kill mrs. bennett. she is intolerable. throw kitty and lydia in there with her. jane austen is a genius.
these are my thoughts at 3:34 in the morning. i'm also obsessed with lemons these days. i eat about one a day. i cut them up, put them in my ice water, and then eat every single morsel of it.
i'm going power-walking tomorrow for 1 hour to burn off these silly fries. oh but they were so good when they were going down.
i also watched steel magnolias tonight (jake got home really late.... i had to occupy my time somehow), and laughed my A off when clarie said, "here, take a wack at weeza!" and then weezer called her a pig from hell. i lost it. i thought of my mom during that part, because she loves it.
i'm going to go get a glass of ice water with a good chunk of lemon in it. goodnight.


Morgan and Stuart said...

"Steel Magnolias" is a favorite of the women in Stuart's family, so when they discovered that I had never seen it after we got married they nearly died (no lie). Then made me watch it. One of my favorites now. LOVE "weeza".

I also LOVE lemon water. I have it every day.

You're not fat. Just pregnant :)

LOVE "Pride and Prejudice".

I had lots of thoughts with your post apparently...

Bart and Jill said...

I won't judge you... i was obsessed with McDonald's french fries while I was pregnant too... its all good! :)

Also, love that Melissa/Ade dance too!

jenna said...

i pretty much ate french fries and coke for the first trimester. so i dont judge either. its funny you should have such random thoughts. my blog is full of them today.

Michelle said...

you make me laugh so hard! I love Steel Magnolias. One of my fave's, and what a sweet husband...

abbie said...

ohhh, too funny. i also was/am addicted to the salt but i also overdosed on mcd's fries. i ate them almost everyday the first few weeks and then all the sudden... NO MORE. in fact this post kind of grossed me out because i had to think about them. :)

Rachel said...

Hahaha. I love reading your random thoughts at 3 am. I love Jane Austen too. Can't get enough of her. :)

Megan said...

hey....wierd....we are meant to be...I taped and watch P and P as well.



Erin said...

ha ha. You are awesome!