25 July 2009


i'm down for the count today. there is no hope for this one. i've been watching the food network all day long because if i even try to stand up, the dry-heaving begins. i will never eat mcdonald's fries again. so sorry my little one. only healthy food today, and it feels good. this has been my favorite today. leafy greens with fresh beans and lots of lemon juice. that's it!
i'm putting off going private for awhile. it's too much right now. i'll let you know.
until then, thanks for being my friend.


Justin and Julie said...

Yay for putting off going private! Stay comfortable and enjoy a nice relaxing Saturday! :)

Philip and Mandy said...

Poor thing. Sounds like exactly my day. I'm also pregnant.. about 13.5 weeks and have been stuck to the couch today, because as soon as I stand up... i'm running for the toilet as well. Us nauseated, pregnant women need to stick together ;-) Hope you feel better soon!
-Mandy Chiappini

Toni S. Cook said...

Well hello! Thanks for stopping by our blog. I'm glad you are putting off going private for awhile, I too like to stop by your blog occasionally. It's like a guaranteed smile! Glad to have a support group for Lost, I've had dreams about it so I know I'm in trouble:)

Rachel said...

Aww I hope you are better. Green beans are much better for you, but sometimes you just need the junk so you can appreciate the good stuff. ;)