30 July 2009

long live blogging.

i've decided i don't like facebook. well, i've always known that i wouldn't, but seriously. i have totally neglected my blog and all you fabulous readers because i've been obsessing over who wants to be my friend or not. lame. please forgive me, but i am back! it has been a busy week for this one. we're having a baby shower tomorrow for a few girls in our office that have fall babies coming, so i've been dedicated to preparing for that. i'm very excited about it though. delicious recipes will be made... i'll post them on my recipe blog. anyway, i just wanted to let you know that while i'll probably check my facebook every grand once in awhile, this is still my baby. there is nothing like blogging, i tell ya. it's just good for me to be able to sit down and write whatever i want whenever i want. i really do love it.
i'm off to create an herb oil for a pasta salad that will be eaten tomorrow. i'm very excited about it. hope life is good for all of you. i'm 16 weeks on monday (gooooooo baby go!). i love little munchkin. SHE is going to be so fabulous (i hope it's a she... went to baby gap and jaynie and jack yesterday and about died).
much love. have a fabulous day.


Rachel said...

You are adorable. :)

Jason, Missy and Madden Streiff said...

your hair looks cute. and long.

Elle said...

So I am finally commenting. I know I have emailed you before, but I felt like a lurker looking at your blog and never leaving a comment.

So.... Jenna you are adorable. You have fabulous hair. I am glad little baby Vela is doing well! Yay for HER!

Cathy said...

Your post always make me smile-- thank you for that.

And, I totally share your love of blogging. It's much better than FB.

Happy Weekend!

Janae said...

I completely agree. If more of my “friends” blogged, I would have no use for facebook. Blogging is 700% better!

ps Love your bangs...wish mine could look good like that!

Annalisa said...

recipe blogs are great. i'm sure yours won't disappoint.


Allie said...

i love your hair! bangs definitely work for you!

SKV6 said...

what a cute film strip styled photo!

Anonymous said...

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