04 July 2009


i am completely surprised and overwhelmed at all of the comments/emails i've received about making my blog private.  this is why going private has always seemed like such a daunting task.  it feels like a hassle.  it feels unfair that i can't add everyone.  it feels annoying to me that blogger only allows 100 readers.  why??
unfortunately, as you all know, i can't add all of you.  i have really appreciated the comments/emails because i feel like you are all very genuine and sincere.  i've felt pretty humbled by the friendships i've made through this blog.  so, with that being said, after i add my family and close friends, i'll do my best to add as many of you "random readers" as possible.  just know that i really don't consider you random, and i appreciate your readership and friendship.  for those that i can't add (because of the 100 readers only rule), i'll keep your emails tucked in a safe place.  one day when the rule changes (and i hope it will), you will be the first to be contacted with an invite.  please don't take it personally, i beg of you.
the love is strong.  so very strong.  i'll let you know.


JL said...


I'm one of your 'random readers' and really enjoy reading your blog. I've gone through similar experiences and it's great to read about what's going on in your life :)
If you wanted to you could bypass the 100 readers limit by creating a "special"/fake email (e.g. jandjblogreaders@msn.com) and granting that address access to your blog. Then share this addy with a group of friends and they can use it to read your blog. That would be a way of like password-protecting your site.
Anyways, just an idea.

Good luck with everything! :)
TC, JLynn

Canadian Princess said...

You know I'd love to be able to continue reading your blog...if it's possible. But don't let me make you feel poorly, I'll survive;)


love ya!

Jennie said...

Also, another idea to surpass that 100 reader rule, you could technically make a duplicate of your blog f.ex. jandjvela2.blogspot.com and just cut and paste your posts there too. Just a thought.

andrea.roche said...

JL has a great solution if u so choose. I'm thinking about doing this. u just use the fake email as a login for everyone with the same password for everyone to log on.

Also, did u see that u can have 100 authors too? I added a ton of my close friends and family as authors. This way they had access and I trusted them not to sabotage the blog with dirty pictures. haha

U are a talented writer. I hope u realize that! This is why your blog fan club blows mine out of the water.


abbie said...

here is my email... i just couldn't deal with scrolling down thru 99 comments. :) abbiemckinnon at yahoo dot com.

Luke and Marin said...

I am another very random reader... my husband Luke Coltrin was Zach Hillstead's roommate at the Y. I absolutely love your blog, you are such an amazing girl! I for sure won't be offended if you can't add me to your list of readers, however, if they ever do change the rule, please allow me to read or cute blog! My email address is lgcoltrin@gmail.com. Good luck with your pregnancy, you're going to be the best mom!

Luke and Marin said...

P.S. If you would like access to my blog, just email me your email address. :)

Stephanie said...

i think jl has a good idea, if you are comfortable with it, of course.

Allie said...

i don't even remember how i found your blog, but i love it!


Megano said...

Well if there is room I'd love to be added!!! I'm glad everything is well with you!

Mike and Alecia said...

Oh my... so many people love your blog. I love it! I just scrolled down and saw that your pregnant that is so exciting! Congrats, I'm so happy for you. You are going to be an awesome mom. Oh and I would love to stay in touch with ya if there is room. No worries if not. kinfischbeck@hotmail.com

dave+candace said...

hi friend. i read your blog all the time but if there is no room that is fine, i suppose. i miss you and i'm so freaking excited that you are pregnant!! congrats!

much love,
candace (fish)

Alis said...

i´m another random reader who found your blog through a friend of a friend...i´d love to keep reading:) my e-mail is alis(dot)heidar(at)gmail(dot).com

Drew and Kat said...


I am a friend of Andrea Roche's, and I think we were maybe freshman at the same time together at BYU. I have enjoyed reading your blog from time to time...and appreciate your optimism!

I sent you an invite to ours, but totally understand you have very limited spots. Definitely a good idea to go private with a little one on the way! =) Congrats!



MMM&M said...

I am also a random reader--- would love for you to add me! send me your email and I'll add you to mine!!! mfirkins @ gmail.com

Kyle and Nicky said...

Dang, I missed that post that you are going private! If you can fit me in, I'd love it! nlsmith10@gmail.com

Nila Watterson said...

I DO hope you can keep me on your list. I've enjoyed "hearing" from you SO much - I feel like you live right next door when I can click onto the blog and know what you're thinking!

byubrandy said...

Hi Jenna-
I left my email below but posted it without a message! It sounds like life is excellent and I really enjoy your blog! I don't go to Shallowford Ward (in a singles ward now) but I'd love to catch-up anytime you are in town!


Megan said...

i'd reallly like to be added :)


Megan said...

i'd reallly like to be added :)


jon + jill said...

hey jenna.
you are a pretty awesome blogger, i must say. i would still love to see your blog...but by the looks of your comments you might not have room for me. so popular.
i wanted to see that belly growing so...if you do decide to make my day...use this e-mail address:

jon.facer@gmail.com (my husband's e-mail is what we use to sign in)

i'm just curious, why do people go private? if you don't put your home address, phone number, social security number, bank account...etc. you know, all that stuff, (pretty common sense) then why does it matter if strangers look at your blog? just wondering...is there something i don't know and should be worried about??

Shalee said...

Hi Cutie! I would love to be added:)

Annalisa said...

fyi--i've got 110+ readers. you just can't add more than 100 authors. and i won't take it personally if you stick to the 100 rule. smiles, thanks for letting me read. best of luck to you & your family.

jenn said...

i am another random reader...i have commented a few times, i totally understand if i dont make the top 100 list:-), but would love for you to keep my email if the rule ever changes.
i just want to say congrats to you and jake on your coconut! enjoy then next few months!
i love reading your blog, you are such a good writer and you and jake are so cute!
feel free to pop over to my blog anytime...
smiles and hugs,

noelle regina said...

do i count as a random?

Dayna said...

Jenna! As a former roommate I love seeing what you are up to because I never see you anymore!!! Add me if you have room. dayna.face3@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Another random reader who loves your blog. So if you decide to add more please add me :). teigs13@aol.com