16 August 2009


pretty sure it's 6:26 a.m. and i've been up since 4. for some reason i never sleep well on saturday nights. i think i'm being tested to see if i'll actually wake up and make it to 9 am church. but when i don't sleep, i am a mess the next day. totally grumpy and annoying. i'm hoping i can make a mental note to NOT be like that tomorrow... or today i guess... whatever. jake is a sleeping bear in our bed, lucky. the kid falls asleep in 14 seconds, no lie. anyway. in all of my boredom, i've looked at every single blog i can think of. then i looked at people.com, usweekly.com, and all of my other random websites. then i went to facebook and stalked my dad. i found this really cool picture of him from back in the day, and i decided that he is the coolest. is, was, and always will be. for sure. i just had to share it.
in other notes, i would go back to sleep but i have to wake up in one hour anyway to make a crockpot recipe. what is the point? ew, i'm going to struggle tomorrow.

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Cassie and Doug Hansen said...

oh ew! I hate that feeling. sorry I know all too well about that. P.S. I love the travel journal! I am so excited for your and jake's big adventure!! oh my gosh I am getting all giddy just thinking about it and can't wait to hear all about it and pretend it was me and doug that went!