15 August 2009

the journal.

this is a preview of our travel journal that i'm creating for our trip. i've added tabs to this perfectly appropriate little notebook, each tab a country that we will visit. i'm bringing tape with us, and anything we find in any country we'll be in, we'll just tape it right in. write our thoughts. random memories. no rhyme or reason, just a really sweet journal.
i'm not finished with it yet. i'll show you the inside when it's done. very proud of this, if you can't tell. it's like my baby.


Rachel said...

Aww I'm so excited for you! I kept a travel journal while Kirk and I were in Italy and I kept it up pretty well. You'll definitely be glad you did it. :)

POJO Fitness said...

love it. your so creative. miss u. meow

abbie said...

SUCH a good idea to pre-plan something like this versus coming home and being so overwhelmed with all the crap you've collected and stressed because you haven't thought of a creative way to put it together. i love it!!

Michelle said...

you're so cute

Rachel Z said...
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Rachel Z said...

I love your travel journal! I do the same thing when I take trips and now have a lovely collection of notebooks to look back on. Having a travel journal also makes it really easy to share tips and great finds with traveling friends and family when you get back.

May I share with you some things I've learned from this practice over the years?

(1) I'd pack a mini stapler with you as well as the tape. You may collect bulkier items such as brochures or museum maps that you want to insert into your travel journal and for those things tape just won't cut it. It's nice to know everything is securely in place as is the case with a stapler.

(2) At the end of each day, I staple onto one page all of my receipts from the day. This serves a few purposes... It helps you keep track of exactly what you did that day, even if you're took tired at the end of the day to make a thorough list in your journal. It helps you keep track of your expenditures (not so fun) and gives you really accurate records of where you were and what you did so you could easily return some day (really fun!). The receipts usually have full addresses and phone numbers for the stores and restaurants you were in. By stapling the receipt into your journal you have a complete and accurate record of where you were without having to search for the address and phone number while you're there.

I've used those old stapled receipts countless times to go back and find some random shop where I bought a quilt or cool scarf or necklace on a return trip. As a side bonus, when you get home and see a bank charge and the name shown doesn't ring any bells, having all your receipts makes it really easy to track down what transaction the charge it relates to.

(3) Rick Steves is great for Europe. (But you probably already know that...) Download some of his podcasts before you go for lovely walking tours (or bike tours) of your destination cities.

Good luck and have fun!! I'm excited to see how your trip goes.

(P.S. Sorry if this comment comes out of nowhere... I'm one of your lovely blog admirers )