12 August 2009


lately i've been having really annoying thoughts. like, "i wish i was like this" or "i wish my blog could be more like this" or "how come i'm not good at photography like everyone else"? or "okay, so a lot of people read my blog, how come no one follows it?" ugh. who cares.
gosh, stop it jenna. i seriously have to push thoughts like this out of my head quite often. well, lately anyway. i find myself wanting to change things about myself NOT because i want to better myself, but because i feel like i need to be like so and so.
EW. i'm not usually like this. so i feel like if i type it out, i will realize how annoying i am and quit it already.
i like ME. and that's good. so knock it off, you freaking crazy thoughts.


The Clarks said...

hahahaha you crack me up jenna. Well I am sure there are a million girls who would love to be YOU..so take that!

andrea.roche said...

Funny b/c I have those same thoughts at times after reading YOUR blog.

Crazy is right.

Why do we do that to ourselves?

Morgan said...

Oh my goodness, Jenna, this is so crazy because lately I have been having the exact same annoying thoughts. I swear that I'm usually not like this, either. I wrote a post almost identical to this one and then deleted it and followed it with a more positive one in hopes of ridding myself of my negativity. I accepted a friend's challenge to write a post every day for a week which is so hard for me. Well I'm 3 days into it and I've got to admit that I'm starting to feel a lot better.

You know, the funny thing is that, in the midst of my blogging frustration, I thought of people like you who do so well at blogging about your personal thoughts. I wondered why I couldn't be more like you.
You just write so freely, and it's always interesting and so honest. I love it.

I think it's normal to feel this way at times. Blogging is not exactly easy. It's wonderful, and rewarding, and relaxing, but not always easy. Not for me, anyway.

My advice to you is to keep blogging. Try to remember why you started in the first place, and why you love it. Let that be your guide. Your blog is perfect. Believe me. It isn't like anyone else's, and that's just why I love it:)

Goodness gracious, this is long. Sorry for the novel.

maleahbliss said...

Totally off topic... But I noticed the Bountiful Temple on ur side bar. I went there today for the first time. :) I love going to "new" temples.
And just wondering. Are u due Jan 18th? Cause that's when I'm due and based on ur posts I'm pretty sure we're due the same day. When do u find out what ur having? I find out next wednesday! I'm so excited!!! and I feel the need to end that with 'And I just can't hide it!' ok. I'm a freak; but an excited one.

jenna said...

i love my jenna.

jenna liane said...

your blog makes me feel this way!
don't worry, everyone has silly thoughts like that, you just have to remember that you're an amazing person in your own right. that's what i try to do, anyways.
don't change, though. i love your blog.

Megan said...

you are amazing. don't be too hard on yourself - i think we all are. i am definitely guilty of this.

Lynn said...

I just stumbled across your blog a couple days ago and I love it!!! I think we all have those thoughts though. I know I do.. but I just try to remember that the real reason I write my blog is for myself anyway, so as long as I like it that's good enough =) But I love your blog! So cute!!! =)

AaReAn said...

Its the wanting what the jones' have...I hate that as well. It's hard not to compare. Every day I right in my journal what I am grateful for. It helps me put the right perspective on my life. It makes me focus on the things that I should be focusing on. Plus I got rid of my facebook. I hated it, really, it just made me think "oh they are traveling everywhere" "oh she is having so much fun...i wish I had her life" or "i wish I was a successful as she is" in reality nothing is what it seems I guess...right?!?! Love ya jenna!

Erin said...

You should read the book, "the 4 agreements" I promise it'll make you feel better.

and we all love you for who you are, so dont worry about it!

Amanda and Matt Dalton said...

Hey Jenna! I think we all have those same thoughts. Just know, all the people that read your blog think you're awesome. And I know I'd follow it if only I knew how to "follow" haha I do check in daily, though :) Hope you have a wonderful day!

Michelle said...

jenna - let me just tell you something - I have thoughts like that every single day. I feel super inadequate in just about everything that I do. And listen to this - I seriously wish I could be like you! you probably think i'm psycho since we really have only gotten to be friends through blogs, and one Sunday afternoon meal....but really, you are creative, funny, loving, beautiful, sweet and just fun to talk to - or read about. love it.

katie said...

jenna i follow you, just secretly. hope you don't think i'm a creepster.

jealous of your little trip- hope you guys have a blast!