11 August 2009


just ate an entire hershey's bar.  it's 12:05 a.m.  why did i do it?  i don't know.  i just did.  


Brian said...

I saw it in your kitchen drawer Sunday....and I should have eaten it to save you from it. Next time I won't hesitate!


SJ said...

Do you remember everytime we came home at night from our mission and how much we ate...let me give you a re-cap.......are you ready?

Cheese, cheese, and some more cheese with bacons bits...oh, so delicious.

Geisha bars, 3 bits

Cherry Juice

Why did you eat the Hershey's...the answer is simple, because you are awesome.

Why did I eat three blocks of cheese a week on my mission with 100 gallons of cherry juice and at least one candy bar/popsicle a day...oh because I was awesome.

Love you.

You are cool.


Jodi said...

This reminds me of our chocolate eating nights in the mtc. Thank the lord for sister madsen!!!