13 September 2009

spaghetti squash.

movin' right along. she's a growing girl, and we're pretty thankful for that.
{image from babycenter.com, and this squash is what they're comparing her size to, if you're wondering}


Cathy said...

You are so cute!

I hope all is going well with the little squash-- what an exciting adventure you are on :)

Bart and Jill said...

Hey, I've commented a time or two before but I have a great article for you and your little squash-sized cutie pie! I need your email so I can send it though. Tell Jake hi from Jill (Fairbanks) Pollard.

e-mail me i guess? Since i don't have you added as my friend on my blog you'll have to just do it that way. jpollard6@gmail.com