09 September 2009

thoughts from me.

i've been silly in my thoughts. i'm pretending to read in this picture {although i do want to read this book sometime: "spiritual roots of human relationships" by stephen r. covey}... i'm sitting in my dad's office, working on a children's literature assignment. i'm having a hard time focusing because i keep getting lost in my thoughts. i have been feeling a little blue the past few days. i'm not used to my body doing the things that it's doing. i'm not used to my new shape (not my belly....the rest of me). i've always been curvy, but all of a sudden i'm curvy in new places. BAHHHH. new places that shouldn't be curvy. i just keep telling myself, "this is normal. you are close to 6 months pregnant. it is okay. it will go away. it will go away. one day, it will go away."
see, i'm cracking up as i'm writing this because i am seeing how ridiculous i am.
baby wasn't moving very much the past few days. i was getting a little worried about it. okay, i was really worried. i wasn't feeling well today at all, so i took a hot bath, then a cold shower because i was sweating, then took almost a 4 hour nap. feeling much better, and she has been kicking me all night. so, i'm thankful. very thankful.
we're leaving for europe in less than a week. i'm getting excited, but i'm feeling a little stressed about getting everything together. all i know is that i am better when i make a list. so, make a list i will.
we've been completely spoiled here at my mom's house. best dinners ever. it's been so nice not to cook.
tomorrow we're going to savannah, ga. the best place for antiques, southern hospitality, and ghost tours. we have to get up at the crack of dawn, but it will hopefully be worth it.
anyway, i should get back to my assignment. the ladies from church threw me a fabulous baby shower last night-- i'll post pictures soon. feeling great about it.
sorry for my randomness. and please don't think i'm searching for compliments or whatever. i know it's normal for my body to be doing this-- it's just a little bit of an adjustment, ya know?
i will survive.
be sure to check the just-cook-already tomorrow for the giveaway winner!


abbie said...

have so much fun in savannah (love it) AND europe! woo hoo! and i know you know...but not to worry.. you WILL lose the baby weight. promise.

Mandy Chiappini Photography said...

aw i completely know what you're talking about, not being used to your body doing the things it's doing. the last month i've just been trying to accept and embrace how my body has been changing. i'm right there with you.

Rachel said...

Wait...are you still in classes? I thought you graduated in April.

I am sure that the things you are going through are normal. Don't feel stupid!

Shelby Lou said...

I don't know you, and you don't know me, but I love your blog. I just read the past 20 posts. You popped up in my google reader recommendations. I think you rock, and I am not a creepy stalker weirdo. PROMISE. I'm just a 19 year old blogger girl from Las Vegas! :D

andrea said...

we havent talked in a really long time...