03 November 2009


november 3.
i'm very thankful for this little one. i'm thankful for her every single day. this picture was taken 11 weeks ago, and i will never forget how happy i felt looking at her. she's given me a few scares, but i just think that's my personality coming out in her. jake and i are so excited for her. we'll figure out a name, eventually. but until then, little coconut is definitely one of the most important people in my life; i'm so thankful for her.
can't wait to meet her. seriously, cannot wait.


SJ said...

She looks so cute. I can't wait to meet her, maybe you should name her Sarah? Ha! Just a thought.

Love you lots.


{Layla} said...

She is beautiful already, just like her mama.

Kyle and Nicky said...

She is cute! =)

Annalisa said...

Wonderful. Congrats again!!

Michelle said...

such a perfect little face. i love it!