02 November 2009

november = thankful.

i love the month of november. for some reason, i have always had the best months of november.
with thanksgiving in mind, i have lots of things i'm thankful for. today is day one (even though it's the 2nd... whatever).
november 2. i am so very, very thankful for my husband. he gets me in every way. he knows exactly what to do for me when i'm having a hard moment. he gives me kisses through his hairy beard. his name is jake, and i love the name jake. he is strong; he has big muscles. anyone who knows jake knows how hilarious he is. i mean he really gets the party started. he has a very strong testimony of the gospel of jesus christ. he is very sensitive. he's not ashamed of anything. he's hot. he works hard. he cooks me food. he loves to dance. he cares deeply for others around him. jake knows how to simply get things done. he loves me unconditionally. very thankful for jake.

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Trevor said...

I am very thankful for Jake as well.... You forgot to mention on what a good locer-sp? He is.... Sure miss that guy.