21 November 2009

love this.

i've seen this on a few blogs now and i finally watched it this morning. it brought a smile to my face.... a big one. i am thankful for beautiful people. i look at every person in this video, and i often find myself observing strangers while out and about, and i am always amazed at how unique, beautiful, and inspiring people can be. i'm thankful for good examples that i've had in my life. i'm thankful to be alive. i'm thankful for the gospel, and my testimony. i'm thankful for wind. i'm thankful for my robe and blankets that keep me warm when my bear of a husband wants to turn the heat off because he's hot. i'm thankful for my husband. he spent a long time putting up our crib last night and i'm not quite sure he has any idea of how much that moment meant to me. i have a crib, and it will be used. i'm thankful for that. i'm thankful for sunshine. i'm thankful for friends. i could go on and on, so to put it simply, i'm just thankful.


Ashley Karena said...

happy happy birthday jenna dear :)

kylie said...

i just looked at your tumblr page and i am in love. you have such an eye for pretty things! you are just daring jenna!