20 November 2009

smiles are nice. so is laughter.

saw new moon last night. it wasn't bad-- we were hoping for a little more action, but there was a lot of romance in there as well. surprise surprise. the reason i put this picture up of mr. pattinson is because he is actually laughing and smiling in it, which is sort of like a breath of fresh air. they are so serious in the movie. always. there are never any light moments. i couldn't handle it! wouldn't it be nice to see some smiles and laughter every once in awhile? and maybe for bella not to be so freaking awkward all the time, even around the one she can't live without?
anyway, there were no previous plans to post about this, but i saw this photo and couldn't help myself. have a fabulous day!


AaReAn said...

I KNOW!!!! I totally agree...i think bella is so awkward...i hate it!!! it makes the movie a bit awkward...but it was still entertaining. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN BELLA DANG IT. haha missed that boat!

abby said...

thank you! i agree. all i remember from the movie already are jacob's abs and everybody being mopey. i liked twilight a lot better.

Annalisa said...

yah, saw it last night too. lol, pretty cheesy movie, but its what i expected so i wasn't disappointed. smiles!!

ps we're having a girl too.

Jason, Missy and Madden Streiff said...

ugh. I agree. she is the one character I can't get past. LOVED the movie though...I think it was all the excitement of getting to go early though.

brittany said...

this is actually a really cute picture.

andrea.roche said...


The word which continually ran through my head watching it.

Didn't they all look as though their intestines were in a knot?