07 December 2009

a little Q and A

i've had a few questions asked about the baby's room and where i got everything, how i did it, etc.
so here you go:
q: where did you get the crib?
a: a boutique called sassy baby-- i got really lucky and got it $200 off. located in garner village or in centerville.
q: where did you get the dresser? is it an antique?
a: nope. for once i didn't get an antique. i got it on sale at target. it came antique white, so i color matched my pelmet box fabric and painted the dresser the mustard yellow. i bought the knobs from anthropolgie.
q: where did you get the bird fabric?
a: l & s fabrics. i found it online, then learned it is located in atlanta (where i'm from). called my mama, she said they had good stuff. ordered it online and it came very quickly.
here is the website.
q: where did you get the rug?
a: ikea
q: how did you learn to make the pelmet box?
a: little green notebook blog tutorial
anyway, thanks for all of your lovely comments. i really did work hard in that room, and i'm very satisfied with it. much love to you all.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenna,
I rediscovered a writing book I think you'd love, if you don't all ready: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.

I'm loving your baby's room, too.
It is possible that I blog stalk you on the regular - ha ha.

Maddie M.

Kirsten Sue said...

I want to know where you got that rocker. I've been scanning KSL every day for a good one and just can't seem to find any for a good deal.

grant + brittany said...

why did nobody ask about the red canvas print above the crib. that really is my favorite part. so unpredictable.

grant + brittany said...

i thought of you when i heard this. you pry already know it, but i love it.