26 December 2009

oh. my. gosh.
might purchase these.
no, i will purchase.
well, what's the point. like she'll really wear these from her 0-3 month life.
but they do have other cute ones for the fall. those i might purchase.
found here


The Dschaaks said...

looooove these!
You would be suprised, I love putting shoes on Emma when we go to church and stuff and she is still wearing the 0-3 month size and she is almost 4 months.


abbie said...

totally necessary!! what is your exact due date again? the count down is totally on!!

abbie said...

PS i just said totally an annoying number of times.

Sheryl said...

hmmm i wonder if they would be in my size. a bit much for age? psssh.

{Layla} said...

omg is right. These are possibly the cutest little things I have EVER seen!!! Do they make adult sizes, ha ha ha! ;)

The Young Family Inc. said...

LOVE em!