23 January 2010

help for haiti

jake and i can't get on a plane and go to haiti to help those in need. we would, but little goldie has graced us with her presence... hence we stay here. however, just because we can't physically be in haiti to give of our service and love, we can still give.
our friends grant and brittany are leaving for haiti in about one week. they are collecting medical supplies to take with them because there is a need for them beyond what we can imagine. they are working with Coalition with Children's Hope, grant's mom's organization for the children. we have a chance to make a difference, to take care of heavenly father's children, and to serve and love. don't miss out on this opportunity to serve.
they are collecting the following things. please have your donations in by this upcoming thursday:
powdered baby formula
costco (bulk) advil (ibuprofen)
costco (bulk) tylenol (acetaminophen)
children's vitamins
prenatal vitamins
if you are willing to make any of these donations, please email, text, or call grant or brittany and they will send you their address. you can easily overnight things to them so that your donation gets there by the time they leave.
for those of you who aren't local, you can email a pledge to childrenshope@live.com. they are also accepting checks made out to children's hope.
grant: 916.801.3488
brittany: 801.380.2519


grant + brittany said...

you are so awesome jenna. thankyou so much.

POJO Fitness said...

i am going to do a zumba/pilates master class for haiti!.

jenna said...

i have prenatal vitamins coming out of my ears. i'll bring them with me when i see you.