23 January 2010

things. and poop.

every time i walk into my bedroom, i feel happy. i like seeing goldie's bed that she doesn't sleep in; she likes being bundled in her car seat much better. we made this discovery after her first, very long night, home. i like seeing my white comforter and feeling clean just looking at it. i like where the floor creaks because it reminds me of jake, who just recently has been walking a little bit lighter on his feet in order to accommodate our sleeping babe. my room feels like a little sanctuary to me. the natural lighting makes me happy. my rug makes me happy. the rug... oh the rug.
when goldie wakes up in the night, i roll over, pick her out of her car seat, flip on the bathroom light and leave the door open just a crack (to preserve as much darkness as possible). in between her feedings, i walk her to her pack and play, put the changing thing down, and then proceed to turn on the closet light, leaving the door open only a crack (again, to preserve the darkness but give just enough light to shine on goldie's behind so that i can see what i'm doing). goldie likes to play a game with jake and i. we'll smell her diaper. sick. so we'll go to change her. as soon as air hits her bum, or a cold wipe, she occasionally projectiles her yellow special sauce. usually we're pretty good at getting the diaper back up just in time, but we've had a few mishaps.
the other night, in the darkness, i was changing misses. i had to get my face down there in order to see exactly what i was doing. just wanted to make sure i got all the special sauce before putting on a new diaper. AND, she has a small rash, so i was also close up to make sure i was getting the cream on the right spot. all of a sudden, there was an explosion.
directly. into. my. face.
it got on the changer, up my arm, and into my face. i yelled for help, and a sleeping stumbling jake jumped out of bed to assist me. how funny is that? and sickening?
i walked into my room today and looked down. there was poop on my rug.
goldie's poop now graces my rug, and for some odd reason, i just want to leave it there.
so i will.
the end.


Michelle said...

you are so dang funny. By some small miracle, neither of my boys EVER have pooped while having their diaper changed. Cross my fingers for any future children. I probably just jinxed myself. shoot.

Tyler and Anne said...

YES, you are a mother now, officially. This is when poop and vomit and chewn up food and boogers become part of our everyday lives. It is wonderful. I am so happy for you!

B and C said...

Too funny. Last night I got a massive amount of spit up on my face, in my hair, and down my shirt. It's not poop, but I definitely feel your pain :)

Morgan said...

I really hope that you don't mind my commenting. I'm always afraid that maybe you do. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the laugh. It was a good one! Just as you said, funny and sickening both at the same time.

jenn said...

what a great post! you have me cracking up!
goldie poop, what a great gift she gives!

Rachel said...

That is disgusting and hilarious all at the same time.

Anonymous said...
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