26 January 2010

the last discussion.

i feel like i need to defend goldie. i think i might have given you all the wrong impression: that i have a difficult baby. she is actually QUITE the opposite, and i've told jake a few times now that if all of our babies are like goldie, i will gladly pop them out.
she never was a bad sleeper. when i said she wouldn't sleep anywhere else besides her car seat, i guess i automatically thought that because i had never TRIED anywhere else. i mean really tried, ya know? our first night home from the hospital was a bit of a long one, but that's normal. she slept great in her car seat. when she falls asleep downstairs, i occasionally just stick her in her little bouncer seat and she sleeps there just fine. most recently, as you all know, i've started having her sleep in her pack and play. she has been an all-star and adapted very well to sleeping flat on her back. last night her longest stretch of sleep was 4 hours with zero interruptions. i was very thankful. i do swaddle her, but she breaks out every time, freeing her crazy arms. i think she actually sleeps better this way. who would've thought?
anyway, after reading through my post and reading all of your lovely and helpful comments (which i really have appreciated), it hit me like a ton of bricks that i might have given the wrong impression about sweetie pie, and she can't even defend herself.
so let it be known that i don't have a very difficult baby. she doesn't cry often... just grunts when she's hungry. i am also very thankful for this.
to sum things up, goldie is very chill. she's happy i think.
this is all i could really ask for.


Omega said...

Jenna! I have felt this way at times too but fear not! There will be many times as a mother that you feel inadequate but Goldie will always know that you are trying your very best and that you only want the best for her! Selby is almost two now and there have been many trial and error situations where Justin and I have had to work to find the best way to do things for her! I love you so much and am so happy we have gotten in touch again! Goldie sure does glitter! oxox God is Good isn't he?

andrea.roche said...

Jenna. as I recall, I had smiliar misgivings re. my ability to be a mother when T was born. And you often commented, encouraging words. NOW, you understand. It's a club of moms, isn't it?
The freaks will come out of the walls with a million bits of "advice" and criticism. Take it all in, but do what works for YOU. And even if u do screw up, Goldie won't remember and will forgive. Best part about little munchkins.

Pots and Pins said...

Jenna!!! She's beautiful! Truly beautiful - just like her momma! Now, I know I'm late to the Goldie party but when is she going to be blessed?? Let me know asap! Love to you and Jake and your beautiful new baby!!!! xoxo, Nan

Jared and Katy said...

Jenna, I have read all your posts since Goldie...first off she's is the prettiest newborn I have ever seen. Honestly most newborns all look the same, but she's special. Second...Jenna, don't ever feel as though you have to explain yourself on your blog. It is your life and as long as you know that you are trying your best then that is all that matters. Don't ever let your readers make you feel inadequate or judged. As long as you are well with your family and Heavenly Father that is all that matters! And if it means anything to you...I think you are a beautiful person that is why I continue to read you blog!

Bart and Jill said...

Why don't you just sleep WITH her? Bring her in the bed with you. I can give you good, valid information about why this is best for babies if you are interested. We sleep with our son and it's some of the best time my husband gets to spend with our little man (now 15 months and still co-sleeping).

KEH said...

no need to defend whatsoever. she can get by on her good looks.

really, she is just yummy.

Amy said...

you're doing great!!! she's a doll! and it's obvious you love her very much! keep doing what you're doing b/c you know more than you think you do when it comes to taking care of your beautiful baby. i know you're getting a lot of advise right now... so take it or leave it... but i would advise NOT doing the co-sleeping thing. just for the simple fact that eventually they will be coming into your room to sleep with you when they get old enough to be out of a crib. enjoy the time you have with no little ones in the bed with you. :D it's so much easier to have special time with hubby without little ones in the bed with you. ;) good luck with everything... you're doing great!!!

abbie said...

you're a cute mama. defend that sweet little baby as long as you live! i will say- if you are thinking she would like being swaddled if she could actually stay wrapped up--i got a hold of a good find towards the end of olivia's swaddling days and i'm already using it with V. it's one of those wraps with velcro but ONLY the kiddapotamous (sp?) swaddleme brand. the rest are junk. i have the microfleece one (the most cozy) and it works like a charm. and i can tell she likes being all snuggled in it.

congrats on moving to the pack n play. we are still in the carseat/bouncy seat/boppy pillow/my arms phase too. no worries.