27 January 2010


it's been an interesting week, and it's only wednesday. whatever. i'm over it.
i'm in a fabulous mood today.
you wanna know why? multiple reasons.
1. goldie is so cute i could just eat her. she is my buddy these days.
2. i caught jake on the monitor last night singing goldie samoan hymns.
3. i made a yummy dinner last night that sat nicely in our bellies. woke up happy.
4. i didn't have to wash my hair today.
and most importantly...
5. i went to the bathroom today WITHOUT any pain. i don't care if that's too much information. it was an amazing moment. those who know me know that i've been struggling big time with this.
jenna vs. toilet
jenna wins.


The Aprecios said...

Fiber Tabs from Costco-From one sore mother to another ;) Saved my life.

Anonymous said...

That was not tmi. If only people knew exactly HOW much pain is associated with having children.
- the implantation cramps
- the physical discomfort
- the braxton hicks
- the actual birth. Akin to squeezing a cheese grater out of your no no parts
- the cracked nipple from breastfeeding
- the cramps from the uterus contracting
- the general discomfort of everything below the waist for two weeks after birth
- the emotional pain/hormones

That said though, you want to do it again and again for some insane reason.

Carrie Hanna said...

my grandma said that getting pregnant again is like falling out of a tree and breaking your arm on purpose. I agree. But when I look at that cute little face - it's so worth it.

And I feel your pain about going to the bathroom. That has been quite the journey.

Goldie seems like a great baby and I know you're doing your best at being a new mom - it's hard to feel like your doing well - but you are. I've known you long enough to know that you are strong enough to be an awesome mother.

Shalee said...

I haven't had a little one yet, but oh I love your sense of humor.

Shalee said...

I haven't had a little one yet, but oh I love your sense of humor.

Shalee said...
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grant + brittany said...

oh i'm so glad. good!

Heidi said...

Hooray! I had NO IDEA that going to bathroom would make me cry for two weeks straight after having a baby. I mean, it makes sense, but nobody tells you that part!

Love your blog by the way, and your baby is a doll.