12 February 2010

oh pat and gina.

does anyone watch down home with the neelys on the food network? oh man, i love this show for a few reasons. 1) the stuff they make is very doable, albeit not very healthy. EH, such is life! it's always delicious. and 2) i am obsessed with their relationship. "how's the taste mama?" "let's do the pepper shake, pat!" they are always laughing, loving, and having fun. i don't think it's superficial either. it's real folks. they just love to love, and that makes me happy.
love me some neelys.
makes me want to be a better wife. huzzah.

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Jacey said...

I know you don't know me personally but I had to comment on this post (BTW- I'm friends with all the Hillstead's) I LOVE the Neely's!! I feel the same way about their relationship- I love the playfulness and affection without being too mushy or over the top! Truly inspiring for a fun, happy and loving relationship.