11 February 2010

one of my best friends said it perfectly. and i think it's important to remember. ani said on her blog today: "I am sitting here with smeared mascara and puffy eyes, yet again. Accidents have always happened, and always will. But, unless it is someone you know personally, you do not usually follow the pain and the suffering and the details of the heartache. That was, until people started blogging. I want to read, I want to know, and I want to think about and pray for these poor families, but is it making me into a crazy person? Is it better not to know? I was telling my mom about a terrible story just yesterday I read on a blog, and she said, "Oh, you girls need to stop reading those blogs!" But, I honestly think that I appreciate how much my husband loves me, how full of life my daughter is, and how much joy I truly have in my simple life; because I have read over and over again, how things can change in a matter of seconds. I think I am more careful. I think I am more paranoid. And I think that is why a lot of these heartbroken mothers post their hearts for us to see. I will never leave my car unlocked while parked. I will never leave the bathroom while Kate is in the bath. I will always hold her hand in the parking lot. I always thought, "that could never happen to me", but, these mommy bloggers are me. After I was finished reading and crying this afternoon, I got onto Facebook, and saw some update about Lost. And how amazing it was. Or how lame it was. The point is, why do I care what someone I haven't seen in 10 years thinks about a TV show?! Trivial. I don't want to be distracted from important moments, and people in my life. These mother's blogs have brought perspective into my life. For that, I am grateful. I can't not read. I can't not listen, when they need to tell. I can't not take heed to their warnings. And, I can't not pray and ask for miracles to happen. Because they can happen, and do happen."


POJO Fitness said...

the story your talking about .. she is my client i train.

Ani said...

love you Jenna!

Cami said...

Very well said. I think sometimes blogs can seem as bragging blogs...but they also can be so inspiring, and sometimes down right humbling. I think it's so brave when people are willing to share their trials so that hopefully all of us can learn from them....or maybe be touched or humbled in some way from what they have gone through.
What a great support system it can be as well when you are going through rough times and people leave wonderful comments that boost your spirits. Like all things with the good comes the bad....but for the most part I think blogs can do good.
If anything its healing for me to just share my thoughts...document fun moments in life...and make new friends.

Love your little Goldie. She is so cute!