29 March 2010

denver summed up in 1 photo

this is literally the only picture i have from my weekend in denver. taken with andi's iphone. yes, that is a small asian man giving me a 5 minute massage after my pedicure. casey (in the photo with me) called him over and she basically wanted to pack him away in her suitcase to take home. it was a good trip. i have awesome friends.
and yes, i have a chubby face.


Rachel said...

please dont cut your hair... pleassse!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever, I was thinking how cute you looked here!

Cami said...

Eh one you don't have a chubby face! Two is that Casey Pickett? If so that's my cousin! HA HA small world. Looks just like her!

ok that is all

Andi said...

will you grab golds in one arm and case in the other and get the heck back here. thank you.