11 March 2010

hear me roar.

good evening friends! it's late, and i'm sewing.
i don't really know how to sew. what i do know is how to mend holes in jeans (my mom taught me this and it has been a life saver). however, the last time i mended any jeans was over christmas break with my mom in tow... meaning she would help me whenever i needed and show me over and over how to get the bobbin thread in with the needle thread (uh i don't know technical terms). she isn't here tonight (she is sleeping in her bed in georgia), and i felt a little nervous doing it on my own. i discovered this weekend that i was walking around vegas with large holes in the crotch of my pants. awesome. they are my favorites so no matter what, i had to figure it out. and i did. i totally figured it out on my own and i'm so very proud of myself.
aren't you proud mom??
for me, if i want to really do something, i just have to do it. i've been avoiding my sewing machine because i'm not very knowledgeable in that department. maybe not knowledgeable, but definitely capable. sometimes you just have to take the extra step and get the sewing machine out. like, actually take it out of the cupboard and put it on your kitchen table. now get the scissors. cut the denim. pin it. do your thing.
now that the machine is out and i've accomplished something tonight, i think i feel pretty comfortable tackling some other projects that i've been wanting to do for awhile.
like this bag... with a tutorial in this book.
i'm feeling very domestic right now.
and with that, i am off to bed.


Rachel said...

I have the same relationship with my sewing machine--I completely understand. Good for you for just tackling it!

Ani said...

Hi friend. I have that book!...and now I have that bag! It was pretty simple! Try it out!

The Longs said...

Good job. I really need to get my sewing machine out and do some fun projects. And, I've been dieing to know!! What happened to the whole passport thing and going out of country last minute? It doesn't seem like you ever went?

Magdalena said...

Love my sewing machine, very domestic indeed Jenna!

Michelle said...

i am jealous. totally wish i could sew

SKVD6 said...

too cute! ;)....you have many talents! SKV6.BLOGSPOT.COM

Annalisa said...

What a great project. You're so creative.


Savannah Renee said...

So I know you don't know me, but I found your blog through Heath and Gretchen Parry's blog. I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and your baby is adorable. I just figured since I follow your blog, I should let you know who I am.