04 March 2010

goldie jean and i are off to vegas to meet dad for a fun-filled weekend.
have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Erin said...

yay, I hope you have fun. Maybe we'll run in to each other. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't personally know you! I found your blog through another friend's blog (http://aaronandmonicarogers.blogspot.com) and I just have to tell you I Love reading, and you are such an inspiration in so many different ways! I feel like each new post I read, I get to know you a little more! Enjoy Vegas, it's always so fuN!- Reilly

DillChips said...

Howdy Lady,
Thank you for telling me the link to your blog was on Layla's, I am so happy to see more pics. of miss Goldie Jean. Since we have Lily something about little angel girls eats us up inside....(in a good way of course not a Hannibal way.)
Anywho, you have a cute blog that I hope you don't mind me visiting from time to time.
From: That girl named Jen that said she wanted to join you this summer because you remind her a lot of one of her best-est friends.