04 March 2010

late night thought.

i've heard a lot about this book. so, i'm going to read it.
i've decided that i'm going to go back to some basics that i used to do before baby came along...because i know it's still possible to do them.
like read.
and write.
and work out... occasionally.
anyway, just bought this off of amazon, which is one of my favorite websites. i think i should be rewarded for how much i've bought from them. and no, i will not sign up for their credit card.
i want a better reward.
goldie was sad tonight. very, very sad. i sat on the couch and cried as i let her bawl her eyes out upstairs. tough love is hard love. very hard love.
i'm excited to read this book.
i'm also starting P90X in the next few days. i've done it before (lasted two weeks. i quit, because apparently that's what i do. NOT ANYMORE). i saw results. i liked it.
so i'm doing it again.
i will complete the entire 90 days.
at the end of those 90 days, you might see a before and after picture.
just because it's nice to see proof.
that scares me thinking about it.
anyway, i'm going to bed. i have a headache.
no more eating chocolate chips, jenna. no more.
good night.


Alixa said...

i read that book. I really liked it. It is written in letters, which is a little confusing at first, but over all, a great book and a great look into the lives of these people during the war. Good luck with p90x. I was gonna do it, then broke down and just joined a gym.

B and C said...

I just finished the book last night. It's a really great read- enjoy it! And P90X... wow... I tried it and gave up after 20 minutes on day 1. I'm going to try to get myself to do it again this weekend... those workouts are hard!

SJ said...

I LOVE this book! I read it just a few weeks ago! I love you too! Can't wait until Sunday!!


Jessica said...

You won't regret it...this is light, feel-good read. I loved it. Good luck with P90X. I quit too! Maybe someday I will have your willpower to get back on the wagon.

Katie Bayley said...

Thanks for the title. I am craving a good book. I took a week off from p90x because school has been really crazy/busy lately. I definitely felt better when I was exercising with Tony everyday! Oh, and Andrew too. Have fun!

Mel said...

The book club I'm in just read this & everyone loved it!! Happy Reading!! :)

Ashley Schott said...

I just finished this about a month ago. They first part is a bit hard to get into, but keep with it because it ends up being a fantastic read. I just loved it. What is P9OX?