02 April 2010

3 months old.

my love is 3 months old today. my, how time flies. to celebrate, carly, goldie and i took our first spring walk and goldie loved it, to say the least. she was all snuggled and happy in her little carseat, and we walked and walked and walked. then we had a bath and her 3-month photo shoot. love my goldie. she just gets better and better every single day. i know the blog is all about her lately, but in my mind, there's nothing better.
have a great weekend!


POJO Fitness said...

she looks so cute in her outfit!!!!!

Michelle said...

pretty pretty pretty

Canadian Princess said...

I can't believe how different she's starting to look...like not so baby if that makes sense.

And the pics are just beautiful!!! I absolutely love her hair and eyes.

The Dschaaks said...

I swear walks are the only thing that keep me sane. Goldie is getting so big! I just LOVE her hair, especially when you pull it back with a bow.
I love that your blog is always about her. I always check for new pictures...not that I'm a stalker or anything :)

tam & eric battles said...

oh i miss that trail!! go girl, gettin a move on it...not sure how i would be in the winter post baby! what a snuggly lil trooper you have there!