06 April 2010

the good old days.

remember when we were super skinny, tan, and carefree ani?
that was nice.


Ani said...

Woah! Remember that time I got on your blog and saw my bikini clad body?
You are funny. And those were the (stretch mark free) days!

Ms. Green Eyes said...

Ok, I'm finally admitting I blog stalk you. We have a lot of friends in common, so I come over to your blog from time to time. Because I just think you're adorable. But this post made me laugh out loud. I was once thin, and tan, and bikini clad. Now (after having had a baby in October) I am stretch marked, super white... and hoping I feel confident enough to get in to some sort of swim suit this summer.

Your posts make me laugh, and make me think, hey! me too! And your baby is adorable. :)

xo Nicole

allison nadauld said...

Hey Jenna. This is Allison NAdauld. I saw your blog on Katie's list. Your little Goldie is so darling. Congratulations. I love your hair. How do you like bangs? I just cut some myself. Love the good old days picture. No worries, you're still hot!