25 June 2010


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don't you wanna eat this cake?

me too...

i'm still on vacation, and sadly it's coming to an end in just a few days here.  i will say though that i'm excited to get back to my temporary yet lovely abode and to not be living out of a suitcase.  i'm also excited to go to roots market on tuesday and stock up on delicious produce for the week.  i'm changing my diet a little bit.  i'm going to start cooking very simple and clean meals... not so much spice and not so many ingredients.  just a pinch of salt here or there and really just enjoy the natural flavors, ya know?  aren't i so granola?

my sister and i have been talking about blogging and how there are some blogs that we just can't look at.  perfect life.  perfect hair, children, everything.  i know, i know, i've talked about this so many times already so i'm not going to get into it.  but just talking about it again has made me want to just take a little breather from the blogging world.  let's be honest... that will probably be like two days for me.  but really.  i'm also feeling a little uninspired lately for not particular reason.  does that ever happen to you?  nothing is bogging me down.  i feel happy and satisfied, but i just don't have much to say. 

anyway, the 4th of july is coming up and i'm real excited about that.  i live very close to gettysburg, so that's the plan for now.  i might try to recreate the above cake just because i want to eat it so bad.  i love the 4th of july... i really do.  i'm not the most outwardly patriotic person, but deep down inside of me, i have a lot of pride in the fact that i'm american born and bred.  i love this country of ours.  i love my freedom.  i love the history of it all.  anyway... i guess i'll save that rant for the 4th.

welp.  that's about it.  love you all.  i haven't told you that lately... how horrible of me. 

but i really do love you.


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A & J said...

I made a cake similar to this last spring...except mine didn't have the yummy fruit on top. I want to help!