17 June 2010


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traveling.  something i've always loved to do-- seriously.  now i travel with a babe in arms, which i can't really complain about because goldie is very good on airplanes.  she doesn't make a peep normally, and if she does, it only lasts about 10 minutes.  when we get on airplanes, people smile and say how cute she is.  i say thanks.  i know what they're really thinking is, "if that baby starts screaming, i'm going to kill you."  we always get off the plane and those same people look at me and say, "oh my gosh, i completely forgot she was on here!  what a good baby!"  all i need is a binky and a blankie and we're good.


have you ever traveled with a baby alone and had to pee?  well, i have.  multiple times, and it's the same old story.  i get up, someone offers to hold her but i don't always feel so good about that.  i politely decline and walk to the teeny-tiny "bathroom" on board.  more like a toilet in a box.  so goldie and i walk down the aisle and sqeeze ourselves into the rectangle box.  i put down the changing table, which then gives me about 5 inches to move around in.  put goldie on table.  pull down pants.  pick goldie back up.  place changing table back up.  turn around.  put goldie on lap.  do my business with goldie on lap while saying in my gushy annoying baby voice how fun this all is.  finish.  stand up.  put down changing table.  put goldie on table.  pull up pants, wash hands.  pick goldie up.  put table back up.  flush toilet and exit.  by this time i am sweating like i just ran a half marathon and i probably

have toilet paper stuck to my foot or something.

then there's always nursing on an airplane.  and when you're sitting in between two men, it's always a challenge.  a very awkward challenge.  luckily that hasn't happened to me very often--i always try to make sure baby is fed and changed before we get on the plane.

ever fly on a charter connection plane, those really small and hot ones, with a baby?  i have.  did you know that their bathrooms are even smaller, and don't have a changing table?  that was quite the experience.

i'm on vacation right now, hence the post on traveling.  a nice week at the beach with my extended and immediate family is much needed for jake and i.  goldie's first time in the sand... i'm very excited and will have camera ready.  i know i've been lacking in the posting category, but between all the flying and packing and laundry and packing and flying some more, i haven't had a ton of time.

isn't summer great though?  i'm actually really enjoying it, and i'm not normally a summer person.  i'll take a crisp autumn day in october with my sweater and scarf and fav pair of jeans over summer any time.  ooo... now all of a sudden i'm thinking about fall and wishing it to me.  yummy.

there are some great new recipes here, you should get out your pots and pans and make something!

hope you have a great week.  i'll post when i can.


Ali said...

ahhh, flying with children. Paige was easy when she was younger too, but it is getting harder and harder. She is up down, all around, and wants to be in to everything - BY HERSELF. For now, I've discovered I can squeeze her by my feet and allow her to go through the diaper bag down there (pretty sure I'll lose something important one day) - sanity on a flight is worth it. I am taking her on a 3 hour flight, by myself, next week and I'm already dreading it! Can't wait to see Goldie in the sand! Have fun!

jenna said...

jenna! we've been traveling a lot too. that's so great jake can get away to both seattle and georgia being a manager. we never had that opportunity, so these summer vacations we're taking our so bizarre for us! i'm really glad that he's able to go with you. really! makes it so much more fun!