02 July 2010


i want this office someday.  so beautiful.  simple.  clean.  and i love all the white. and the window.  love it all.

photo found here.

there's a lot to catch up on, as usual, but for some reason i'm sitting here completely blank.  i'm in the mood to just sit and stare at the wall.  i feel tired, ya know?  but it's a good tired because i've been pretty productive the past few days.  we just got back from the beach with my family earlier this week and it was so perfect... i mean, really.  goldie loved it so much, and she was so good which i was very thankful for.  just a little angel, that one.

goldie's first moment with the ocean.  she was squishing her toes in it, and later sat in it and put a handful of sand in her mouth.  it was one of those perfect moments that i always dreamed about.  she makes my dreams come true.

i've been thinking a lot about prayer.  i know i've talked about it before, how much i appreciate the act of prayer.  i guess i just feel like a lot of my prayers have been answered lately, whether they were in ways that i was hoping for or not.  

heavenly father knows what's best for me.  he always has, and he always will.

anyway, i have some photos that i need to post but i'll save that for another day.  for now i'm just going to keep watching chopped and go make some roasted butternut squash.

hope you have a fabulous 4th of july weekend.  we're going to celebrate it small-town style.


abby said...

love both pictures! goldie is seriously the cutest.

Morgan said...

I love that office. I want it too.

Erin + Geoff said...

That picture of you two at the beach is priceless.. so so so beautiful. A treasure.