20 July 2010

pretty ballerina.

this might be overkill, but i don't care.  i loved this moment today.  goldie was twirling around and around in circles, laughing and cooing, and i even think she got dizzy.  i was laughing out loud while taking these photos (...with my iphone.  sometimes i just don't have time to get the fancy one, and that's okay).  it was such a fun moment, just seeing goldie love the wonderment of it all.  it was a new experience for her, and it's safe to say she loved it.

i think i might have a ballerina on my hands.  

such a joy.

i mean, just look at her go.  so much action!

i'm going to remember this moment forever.  i could just put her in my pocket. 

i mean, i basically do...

and now jake can see it, too.  we love our daddy.


Meikel said...

and I am going out to buy one of those right, now! She is killer cute!

Erin + Geoff said...

goldie's face in the last picture just says it all... pure enjoyment!

Carrie Hanna said...

love it!!

Michelle said...

i love those things. pure joy!