24 August 2010

dear goldie,
when did you turn into such a psycho?

all of a sudden, you won't sit still when i'm trying to change your diaper.  you try to roll over like there's something better than getting 5 pounds of poop wiped off your bum.

you will not let me cut your nails.  that's normally a very easy and fast process for us.  sit still, missy!

you won't let me feed you.  you insist on rolling over instead, getting food all over your clothes and blanket and anything else that's in the line of fire.  my gosh.  i don't want to have to tie you down and distract you with baby einstein every time we eat, okay?  bad habits, sister.

what's with you playing with the computer cords?

you're hair has always been completely awesome in every way.  when did it get so crazy?

either way, i still love you.  like, a lot.  like, more than anything.  or anyone for that matter.

mama  (or na-na as you like to say)


Rebecca Lowe said...

oh my gosh! danny calls me na-na, too! how funny! and ps... she'll just keep getting more and more psycho. and you will love it.

{Layla} said...

at church on sunday i held miss. goldie for a good 15 minutes (after jake changed her diaper) & i was in heaven!!! she is so darn cute. she was giggling and waving her arms around like crazy. she is such a happy girl. i think she loves my husband. at one point she practically dove into his arms--and then just stared at him with a huge grin on her face. she even put her hand on his back and was giving him little pats. it was so sweet. Anyway I just want to eat her chubby arms and legs.

eclaires said...

She may be psycho, but she's a cute psycho. Points for Goldie!

Michelle said...

she is so hilarious Jenna. I love it.