23 August 2010

oh eee oh. yoooo ho.

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ohhh i just don't know if i have it in me today, but i don't have a choice.  i've got to start packing and i've got to get stuff done around here.  goldie is proving to NOT want to take her afternoon nap today, which is sort of essential to me getting the things done that i need to.  i've been sitting on the couch watching the remainder of her baby einstein movie with my eyes barely open, waiting for her to be silent in her room.

***************30 minutes have elapsed since i began this post...***************

she just chugged 3 ounces and is out.  i'm ignoring my urge to sleep right along with her-- i WILL have something to show for this day!  step 1, shower.  step 2, pack entire bedroom.  that's a pretty good start, wouldn't you say?

it's an understatement to say that i am very excited to get back to my home in utah.

hope your day is as productive is mine.... or let us pray.


Ali said...

same kind of day over here. blake gone for 4 days = no motivation to do anything productive = paige watching too much baby einstein & me watching right along with her. here's to 3 more days of this! grrrr.

Andrea said...

today ALL I did was vaccuum my bedroom. Didn't even shower.

I felt very accomplished.

Jason, Missy and Madden Streiff said...

jenna! glad your blog isn't private anymore...AND CONGRATS on baby number 2!!!! I'm excited for you-theres NOTHING in the world like a new baby. (i've only gotten myself dressed once in the last two weeks...right there with you :)

Agnė said...
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Agnė said...

jenna! tu busi jutoje... as taip pat busiu spalio menesi. turesime pasimatyti. dziaugiuosi, kad galesiu susipazint su tavo goldie.

Erin said...

a-freakin-dorable. where'd you find it?