17 August 2010

i can smell it.

it's not secret that i am obsessed with fall.  it is my MOST favorite season, and if i could live somewhere where it's always fall, i would do it.  any suggestions?  anyway, with fall comes new clothes for goldie girl, which i am so freaking excited about.  this is the fun thing about having a girl-- the clothes are just little mini-adult clothes and i can't handle it!  i don't have many clothes for her to wear in the upcoming months because i just never bought those sizes, but now it might be a free-for-all.  lovely jake doesn't care what i buy for her, so i take that as a green light GO.  these are just a few things that i love.  is it weird that i love how goldie looks in darker colors?  it looks so cute with her brown hair.  oh anyway.  i think my favorite outfit will be the following:

last little dress, except it comes in a bright purple (like the shirt that is worn under the gray cardigan).  so, bright purple dress with the cute gray cardigan, black thick tights, and black little fur booties (shown a few rows up).  i know this sounds a little excessive, but i do not care.

something about fall... ahh the smell in the air.  fires burning somewhere, camp smells, the leaves even smell.  you can hear the cougar band practicing, whistles blowing from football practice.  soup.  hot cho. kisses at sundance. the breeze is usually slightly warm but has mostly a cooling sense to it.  scarves, hats, coats, jeans, cardigans... all of my favorite things.  i'm very thankful i get to be in utah for the fall.  it seriously brings me so much happiness, you have no idea.  anyway, these are my morning thoughts.  good day!

p.s. the above clothes come from baby gap, american apparel, and polarn o. pyret. 

...and someone is very excited about all this.  can you tell?


POJO Fitness said...

omg look at her! she is growing up so fast!!! and, i want those pink toms like really bad!

Carrie Hanna said...

so cute! is she teething at all?