01 September 2010


being home is nice... i could do without all the traffic/construction on I-15, but other than that i've got nothing to complain about.  the mountains are amazing, the air isn't thick and hot.  i'm happy.  it's weird to be back in my house after so long-- it almost doesn't feel like my own. but after a few days here i'm remembering where i've put things in the past and where everything normally goes. goldie and i have been busy bees.  while i unpack, she just rolls happily around on our living room floor. she seems very happy to be home, not like she knows this is our actual REAL home, but i swear she remembers this place and knows there's something different about it. anyway, good to be back. 

a few things: 

before we left for the summer, we had this weed growing outside of our kitchen window in our backyard.  it was a smaller weed, thin, and just hit at our window.  i should've pulled it out because this is what i came home to.  

exhibit A:  the weed.  or tree, i should say.


then there is goldie after a long day of traveling. she has always been an angel on airplanes (THANK GOODNESS), and this time was no different. it was a 4 1/2 hour flight, and she only slept for 20 minutes of it. there were many poopy diapers, which got tiring after awhile, but she just played and entertained everyone around her.  for some reason she found comfort in this cup (a cafe rio cup, i might add.  divine), and i thought it was funny. 

oh, and her thumb, of course.


and then we have goldenstein in her own bed after months of sleeping in a pack and play. to say she was excited is a definite understatement. she does this hilarious thing where she moves her head back and forth super fast when she's being crazy, and the minute i laid her in her bed, she started being crazy horse (that's what we call her with this movement, her native-american name, naturally). she kept feeling everything with her hands and growling, which is a good thing. i bet it's nice to be back in her bed. again, i'm pretty sure she remembers it. 


and last but not least, princess goldie-cup

cheers for home.


Rachel said...

Yay! Eat some more cafe rio for me. How I miss that place...

Angela and Mike said...

that little goldie is so scrumptious. Way to go on the travels and making it home. Sounds like goldie was a champ...I should have Colton take lessons from her since he is a not-so-good traveler :)

Michelle said...

love it. so jealous that you're in Utah.

Kyle and Nicky said...

i am so jealous that you are home already. i can't wait until i get to go home. and i totally understand not being able to find things ever. it seems like that is my life though.

{Layla} said...

i agree, cheers for home.