19 October 2010

hi. i'm huge.

annnnnd here i am, 5 months pregnant.  it's going fast.  and i'm feeling the weight, literally and figuratively.

we just got back from paris and are home at my parents house in chester.  we love this little town-- it's very charming and so pretty.  we come home tomorrow (can't wait for a long day of traveling), and will finally get settled and whatnot back at home.  this has been such a fun trip.  well worth it.  might take some recovering though-- we're planning on doing nothing for the next week and feeling great about it.

not much else to report right now.  my babies (jake and goldie, hah) are asleep and i'm catching up on emails and taking embarrassing photos of myself on photo booth. i'm also guzzling water because i'm pretty sure i'm dehydrated.  that seems to happen to me when i travel.  

vote for goldie here.
fabulous giveaway here.

feeling great about life.  much love to all.

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Char Archibald said...

Don't you feel like you have gotten so much bigger so much faster with the second!?! It was a HUGE difference for me! Lets just say I am measuring "large"!!!