14 October 2010

goldie for president!

hi everyone!
so my mom just entered me into the gap casting call contest.  she apparently thinks i have a good chance of winning.  i, on the other hand, only care about milk, chewy toys, stacking cups, applesauce, bread chunks, mom and dad, and getting my bum wiped.

vote for me here!

did i mention that you can vote every single day?  just sayin'.

thank you.  off to take a nap now.
princess goldie cup


jenna said...

goldie wins in my book every time :)

Nichole said...

definitely just voted. she's a stinkin' adorable little girl and you pretty much dress her in the cutest outfits. :) btw, thanks for opening back up your blog. it's fun to read your thoughts and i appreciate your perspective.

Erin + Geoff said...

you have my vote Goldie! and you'll get it everyday till December 6th! Hope you win!