13 October 2010

a little trip.

or a big, fun trip i should say.  there's something about europe that just feels like a little like home to me.  maybe it's because i served my mission here a few years ago (lithuania)... even though eastern europe is completely different than western, in my own humble opinion.  although tiring sometimes, i love to travel, see new things that i've always wanted to see, eat amazing and different food, spend time with my husband and family.  it's been a really fun trip so far.  my sister and her family just got here this morning, and everyone in the entire house is sleeping except me.  that always happens.. what the heck.  all we're missing is rachie-poo.  we love you sister.  wish you were here.  okay shout out over, on to the update:

goldie is a gem.  she is also 9 months old already.  as the star of this blog by default, there are many photos of her and let me tell you, she's lucky she's lived this long.  i want to eat her up every day.  she talks and talks, crawls, pulls herself up on things so that she can stand.  she loves scrambled eggs, any fruit, rice, bread... basically anything we put in her mouth.  she has no teeth yet, but those gums can do some damage, believe you me.  she's finally adjusted to the european schedule which is nice.  but of course that's going to get all screwed up in just a week when we go home and try and get her back to normal... poor misses.  she's a serious trooper though, which i think is one of her finest qualities.  she can also clap on command, wave, and is in love with this stuffed animal we call "puppy"... because it's a puppy with floppy legs and arms.  she squeals like a school girl in love with she sees it.  pretty freaking cute.  she also likes water.  splash, drink... she's a fan.  she doesn't make picture taking easy because as soon as i get on the floor to capture "the perfect shot" (yeah i am a serious amature.  i'm learning.  don't judge me) she comes mobbing toward the lense and it's over.  but she gives me kisses after, so that makes up for it.  she can say "da da da" and "na na na" (mamama).  she loves everybody.  we're so lucky to have her.

as for the trip, we've so far been to edinburgh, scotland, chester and london.  i have loved them all.  these photos are a scatter-brained attempt to document quickly and efficiently.  they are from all over.  some of the highlights have been:  the rosslyn chapel in scotland.  the globe theater, london (i'm an english major, give me a break), and holyrood in scotland.  i also thought st. james park in london was a dream to walk though, and the tower of london and the abbey were pretty incredible too.  basically i've loved it all.  we've eaten like pigs and loved it, and hopefully we've burned off the calories from walking all over.  i'm almost 5 months pregnant and my tummy is getting bigger by the day.  what is up with that?  second child?  showing way faster?  geez.

anyway, i'm proud of myself for updating as we go.  good old mom's house with a much faster computer than my own.  we're finishing the trip up with paris on friday.  be home next week.  what a great trip.  so glad we came.

let's begin with some scotland love, shall we?
by the way, we only talk with british accents now.  just so you know.

sterling castle in scotland.


you can't tell, but she's riding a sheep here.

i am in love with this photo.  did i mention we've had PERFECT weather?  so lucky.

i love st. james park, seriously.

if i look tired and windblown, it's because i am.

princess goldenstein.  the house of vela.

on the bus tour in london-town.

a bottle break at the tower of london.

goldie enjoying the shakespeare globe theater.  a girl after my own heart.

chasing pigeons in st. james park.

goldie really likes rice.

9 months old.

trying to touch the cow in scotland.

holyrood in scotland.

jake's shirt just screams "we're americans."

goldie with bibby and papa.

pushing the stroller.

and goodnight.


Stefanie said...

I love the picture in which she eats. Her face is too cute. And the last one is darling. Have fun in Europe! :)

abby said...

goldie has the best smile. i'm loving all these london pictures. i went there in high school and so my memories are already kind of hazy but some of your pictures are triggering my memory and giving me nostalgia. love it!

Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

stop it. goldie is too stinkin' cute! and how pretty are those big, brown eyes? she is a doll. i love all of the candid shots of her. i think you do a great job with your pictures. i wish i was better at the candid thing. anyway, this looks like a blast!

Maren said...
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Jason, Missy and Madden Streiff said...

oh.so.jealous. in a good way of course!

Emma said...

you have the most darling baby! looks like so much fun!

holtkamp said...

love love love these pictures! i miss scotland so much, i'm so glad you guys are there! jen

lindsay marie said...

Hi you dont know me but I am a fan of your blog. I like your style. it reminds me of mine. haha. my little girl has that blue and cream top from gap too and I have that same exact blue paisley diaper bag! does it bother you that the straps never stay on your shoulders? or is that just me? anyway thanks for opening up your blog to strangers like moi! :)

Sheryl said...

gosh, i miss you guys.

Monica J.R. said...

love it all... you are always having so much fun! ps where did you get that headband for goldie?

Morgan said...

Your trip looked amazing! So happy for you having another girl, so fun!