03 November 2010

bedding for sale.

UPDATE: bedding has been sold! 

we're doing some major reorganizing in our home and i have a million things that i'm getting rid of.  this bedding is one of them.  i bought it from pottery barn maybe a year and a half ago?  it was literally on my bed for maybe 1 month.  i switch bedding a lot (it's a disease that i'm slowly overcoming), so it's been sitting nicely in my guest room closet for some time now.  it's a nice shade of purple, slightly more purple than this photo shows.  super pretty.  really brightens up a room, and it's not like this ugly purple where someone would walk in and be like... "wow, that's some purple bedding."  you know what i'm saying?  anyway, it's king size duvet and i also have 3 euro shams to go with it.  email me for the price if you're interested, otherwise i'll be putting it up on ebay, ksl, and craigslist.  just thought i'd give you lovely readers first dibs.


see ya!

p.s. this probably won't be the last you see of my "blog sale."


Jennie said...

I am a firm believer that purple is a neutral!

It's lovely, but I just acquired a sewing maching, so I will be making my own from now on, so I'll let some other reader snatch this up.

jenna said...

i'm in love with this. and very much interested in getting first dibs on every thing you plan on listing in your "blog sale."