03 November 2010


i've been thinking a lot about goldie lately, which is no surprise since my life literally revolves around her (by choice, mind you).  i've been watching her grow right before my eyes and i can't even believe the progress she's making.  she is little miss independent, that's for sure.  i feel very thankful that i can get her toys out and leave her in the living room while i go into the kitchen to make some lunch.  i'll just listen to her talking to herself and giggling with her puppy... she's totally content.  this is a good thing.  with all that said, though, she still loves to be picked up, snuggled, played with, hugged, kissed... i mean the girl loves affection-- also something i've very thankful for.  i'm amazed at goldie's patience (something she must get from jake because i don't have much of it... i am improving though, in my humble opinion).  she will crawl to the couch, one puppy paw in her hand, dragging him along and climb up so that she's standing with hands on the cushion.  if puppy doesn't make it, she'll put her little head between her arms and look down at her feet (aka puppy), reach down with one hand to grab him--because how could she ever leave him behind?-- and she'll bring him right up with her.  if she misses and falls in the process, she grabs his paw and tries again, over and over until they are both up.  it usually only takes one extra try, but throughout the entire process she never fusses, never gets upset.  when she falls on her butt, she just looks at me and smiles really big and tries again.  what an example, eh?  it really does amaze me.  i never knew that i could really marvel at something, but i marvel at her all the time.  she never gets upset with herself, never gets frustrated (unless i'm pinning her down to change her diaper).  i find myself saying that i want to be more like goldie every day.  pretty incredible.

with her growing up though, i also find myself getting a little sad about it.  she is still very little, very chubby, and i feel very humbled to say that she really loves her mom.  she thinks i'm hilarious, naturally.  i have waited my entire life for a baby to want me, and when she reaches for me and gets calm as soon as she's with me, it makes my heart want to burst.  anyway... i was looking through photos tonight from this past summer and can't believe how much she has changed and grown already.  they are great photos though.  i'll probably frame them.

those are my thoughts for tonight.  off to bed.

note to self:  goldie's first two bottom teeth cut through on oct. 31.


Michelle said...

what a cute little post! totally reminded me how I am feeling about Brixton everyday. (although I don't think he's as patient as Goldie!) - but so sweet still. I love reading your thoughts! you just write so beautifully!

natalie said...

beautiful, Jenna. I know what you mean about wanting babies that want YOU because you are the mom. Its such a great thing. I will say by the time you have a permanent appendage because #2 won't detach herself from you, it gets a little old. haha. Still, I would not change it for the world!

holtkamp said...

oh my, little goldie is so adorable! lovely post jenna! love you! :) -jen

jenna said...

that one of her and jake in bed is literally genius. i hope that goes big on your wall. love love love you all.

ashley schmutz said...

WHAT! how is she JUST getting her teeth! bennett has 8 now and 2 more are coming in!!!! is something wrong with my teething child? it's freaking me out! ha!