27 November 2010


little miss goldie has been sick almost all week... between throwing up, fevers, runny nose. saddest thing of our lives, seriously. she is such a good sport though. even with a high fever (that was this morning.. it was so sad), she was smiling and chugging a bottle. all good signs. she just keeps playing and laughing, but mostly she just wants to snuggle and be cuddled, which jake and i are LOVING. she is the sweetest girl i've ever known. enjoy the photos. i'm feeling oh so lucky. and by the way, her fever broke tonight and i am so happy about it. sweet, sweet baby. 

miss lethargic after no afternoon nap.

being bashful in her high chair.

being a good sport at old navy.  notice her swinging leg.  she's always swinging that leg, and i think it's adorable.

sleeping like a little angel.  some of my favorite photos of goldie are when she's sound asleep.  i swear i could just eat her.

sucking her top lip-- this is her new trick.

if this doesn't give you a glimpse into goldie's hilarious personality, i don't know what will.  look at her legs.

she crawled into the kitchen and put herself in jail.  she also loves that jingle bell.


hi goldie.  i will bite you.

have a great weekend.


eclaires said...

She's a cutie. You're super lucky to have a family, Jenna! And a beautiful one, at that. I'm looking forward to "meeting" Baby #2.

Michelle said...

B's been sick all week too, (Actually ear infection for 2 months, and get sick in between antibiotics, which is now) - and it really is the saddest saddest thing ever. How do they stay so happy while having a fever, cough, sore nose, and pulling on their ears all day long! She is an absolute doll. I seriously love her. I dream to meet her one day! love ya!

holtkamp said...

goldie is absolutely adorable! she seems to have the cutest little personality too! :) -jen

Morgan said...

She is sooo adorable! I can hardly stand it! I'm happy to hear that she's feeling better, too.