25 December 2010

here comes goldie claus.

we had a very merry christmas.  it was goldie's first, and i loved watching her "open" her presents, dance to christmas songs, play with jingle bells, wave hi to every christmas tree that she saw, be fascinated with christmas lights, pull ornaments off the tree, and basically just loved watching her be a complete and utter JOY.

this past week we've been with my side of the family.  we spent 4 days up at a cabin in sundance (my favorite place)... there was SO MUCH SNOW.  1 sunday brunch, 10 avalanches, 2 dents in our car, 15 games of greed, and 1 power-outage later, we're definitely happy we went.  afterwards we spent the rest of the time at my sister's house, having christmas, eating way too much, sleeping, laughing, and did i mention eating?

my sister's pretty tree.

we forgot to carry around our camera with us, of course.  we're such rookies.  good thing my phone takes pretty good pictures.

goldie's presents were perfect and just enough for this little rugrat.  she is obsessed with reading... can't tell you how happy that makes me.

 christmas day, goldie opening her gifts.

um, let's get a close up of those hands please.


we hope you're having a wonderful holiday season.  we're off to seattle day after tomorrow for jake's family christmas.  can't wait!

ho. ho. ho.


maleahbliss said...

Merry Christmas!! I'm glad Goldie's first Christmas was great, Eme's was too. :) ...So, question: What is the name of the book she's reading? Eme L.O.V.E.S books too and that looks like an AWESOME one!!

Merry Christmas! Have fun in Seattle with the Vela's. Say hi to them for me. :)

Sheryl said...

i just want to kiss her cheeks! seriously! Merry Christmas Vela Family!

POJO Fitness said...

her hands are so chubby.. i love it!


now that's a stunning tree! :) cute pics of your daughter, as always! PS: I just posted my next FREE BLOG GIVEAWAY! :) SKV6.BLOGSPOT.COM

Stefanie said...

i just read this post and i think this book must be awesome! which one is it? i think my little one needs it, too. :)