07 December 2010

i dream.

 photo found here

i dream of a home that doesn't go all together perfectly...  things i've picked up here and there, colors muted but also a few that pop.  i dream of rugs that don't match but that somehow bring together a creative unity of design where one would feel very, very at home.

i dream of open mouth kisses from my babies.  goldie already spoils me-- i hope they all do.

i dream piled blankets on a bookshelf.

i dream of those bookshelves being lined with all of our millions of books that are currently shoved up in our linen closet.

i dream of group family kisses.

i dream of running and running and running and running...

i dream of snuggling with my husband.  well, we already do, but i'd love to have every morning where the light from a snowy ground comes through our window and we just lay there, even though we're totally awake.

i've got lots of dreams.  these are a few that are on my mind tonight.


holtkamp said...

lovely thoughts my dear :)

Kami and Jacob said...

i love those dreams! they are attainable - that's the nice part! :) goldie is such a cutie! hope you're doing well!