16 December 2010

ho ho hum.

christmas is rapidly approaching.  i've been making cookies and things, which is new for me considering i love cooking and don't love baking.  i might be getting into it though.  our tree is officially the most brittle thing i've ever seen, but it's still standing and to the naked eye looks healthy and happy.  goldie is single-handedly destroying the poor thing.  she is definitely not afraid of the tree anymore (although she does stop whatever she's doing when she hears the train the often goes by our neighboring train tracks, and she always stares at the tree like it's the one making the noise.  hilarious).  she pulls a good 5-10 ornaments off daily, and every night for some psycho reason i put them back on.  she makes me laugh, that goldie.

she crawled like a maniac to the stairs the other day, and in my "serious" tone i said, "no no no goldie girl."  she put her hands on the first step, resting on her knees, looked over at me with the biggest, cheesiest smile on her face and waved.  she just waved.  it was like she was mocking me.  i loved it.

see this photo?  i'm obsessed with it because it gives me a little glimpse into my next christmas (or close enough).  my dear friend abby posted it on her tumblr, original source here.  i'm very excited for this new baby to come for many reasons.  here, i will name a few:  i'm not sleeping anymore.  i grunt all day long, bending over, changing diapers, picking crap up.  i'm sick of moaning and grunting.  i'm excited to watch goldie love her sister (she loves all babies and all kids).  okay basically i will just be happy to not be pregnant for awhile.  there, i said it.  mostly, i'm obsessed with the idea of sisters so close together and i can't wait for it to come true.

at last but not least, an attempt at an impromptu family photo.  don't mind my hair.  my child was drooling in and pulling it.

merry week before christmas.


Chad and Carly Carlson said...

i love your hair...its sexy

POJO Fitness said...

goldie has your nose its obvious in these cute pics.

Maleen said...

That is so funny about her waving. Pearl always crawls to the top of the stairs with this insane smile on her face. She knows it drives me crazy.

Goldie is one of the cutest babies. EVER. Do you have a name picked out for number two?

abby said...

isn't that picture darling?! you are so lucky you'll have that next year.

AaReAn said...

freakin' love these...you should send them as your christmas cards!