18 December 2010

reporting straight from bed:

i might be semi-smiling in this photo, but i'm not feeling that fabulous at the moment.  it's 6 am.  i've been up for two hours (the past 1.5 have been spent laying in bed.  before that, i've woken up twice and been up for at least 30 minutes each time).  it's funny how when you have a baby, you kind of forget all the things about pregnancy that weren't so fun.  i remember telling people this all the time.  after goldie, i completely forgot about the sleepless nights, or the constant pressure and bruised feeling below.  oh man, i definitely forgot.  and of course i did, because i was holding the whole point of it all-- a sweet and yummy, chubby and soft baby girl.  mmmmmmm i love newborns.

but now i'm back in that moment where i wake up with a swollen nose and face.  i basically become a pillow sandwich every night, which does me no good in the long run.  i can't sleep because i feel like i'm completely crushing this baby (she's big), and when i do sleep it only lasts for maybe 2 hours at the most.  "take naps!" say the people.  if i take naps, then i can't fall asleep at all when night time comes.  i'm starting to remember that this is the time in pregnancy where all i can do is be very, very thankful that i am pregnant and that i have a healthy growing baby in there.  sleepless nights prove to be worth it after all.

i also remember feeling and knowing that this is how heavenly father prepares women for the newborn stage, at least in my opinion.  i'm sleeping in the intervals that i am because guess what?  that's going to be my life again come march 9.  god is a genius.

so until she comes out (i can't wait), i'll probably just keep eating oatmeal and drinking tea at 6 am.  and updating my blog because there's nothing else to do.  i mean it could be worse, i could be eating cookies and milk or something.  oh wait, did that before "bed."

anyway, my oatmeal is gone and so is my tea.  off to lay down next to the big bear in hopes of a few more hours of sleep before the golden one wakes up.



Michelle said...

you are seriously the cutest!

Morgan said...

Reading through that made me realize that I had totally forgotten about all the uncomfortable things during pregnancy and the lack of sleep...and that was only a little over 3 months ago for me!!! I might be bookmarking this post of yours to read every weeks or so, just to keep it fresh in my mind!

Ani said...

i seriously could have just written that post.

slept so bad. pillows everywhere. peeing every 2 hours.

got up at 530 to try sleeping on the couch.

went back to bed at 830 to try to sleep with matt.

now up for the morning with a swollen face.


Andrea said...

Um. ditto times 2.

Jodi Pitchforth said...

ok your blog posts are kind of like a second birth control for me sometimes. haha! i love you and i hope you feel better.

Zane + Nichole said...

oh i am so happy goldie is going to have a sister! i am the oldest of four girls and it seriously is the best thing ever. i love those girls. :)

Meikel said...

Oh I love your pics of miss Goldie! And yes please let's have lunch again soon, maybe after all this Christmas madness : )