07 January 2011


it seems like a really long time ago that goldie was this tiny.  she turns 1 tomorrow, and i can't even believe that a year ago tonight i was in the hospital having contractions, throwing up, and waiting to see what my baby was going to look like.

and then she came out.  perfect.  black hair. a sad little cry. it was a beautiful and spiritual moment.

so much has changed in our lives since goldie came into our home.  we have felt happier.  we've felt a greater sense of being-- more purpose.  we've laughed more.  we've made fools of ourselves just to make her laugh and smile.  we've cheered her on with every milestone she's made.  we've praised her, loved her unconditionally, kissed her millions of times, tickled her feet and hands, changed her diapers, bathed her, wrestled with her, watched her discover new things... i mean i could go on and on.

she came at a time when i needed her most... she came and saved me when no one else really could.  and for that, my goldie girl, i am forever grateful that you are in my life.

happy birthday sister.  we love you... like, a lot.


michael. mindy. dane. said...

happy birthday to your sweet babe! i can't believe it's been a year (like how i'm saying this as if i know you all personally?) she is adorable!

liz said...

it doesn't seem like a year ago i was in the hospital hanging out with you. oh i love goldie and i love u. she's so precious! happy birthday little munchkin

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Goldie!! I can't believe it's already been a year! :)

Jylare Smith said...

Im tearing up here. I know what you mean, Jenna. She is so precious. Can you believe she is one? Wow.

Stefanie said...

Happy birthday, Goldie!

Monica J.R. said...

I know exactly what you mean. I feel the same way about Hallie. Being a mom is the best :) Hope you're getting excited for number 2!